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  A company Tem-Diamond since 2004 produces and provides the services of a professional diamond cutting and drilling of concrete structures. During this time, the company has implemented a number of serious, complex, and several unique projects.
  Accumulated experience and equipment companies, skillfully used a professional high-tech equipment and diamond tools the world's leading manufacturers, makes it possible to strictly adhere to parameters such as efficiency, accuracy, speed, mobility and sustainability. Proposed diamond technology in conjunction with competent engineering support contribute to the higher quality of their implementation and application in construction, repaired and reconstructed objects of civil and industrial use. The company is constantly evolving, looking for new solutions to the use of existing equipment and tools, improving productivity and production methods of work. All our services are performed in full by the time the application package and information parameters of the object to full completion, which allows for accountability and quality control. Working closely with our customers, we pay great attention to production safety work, strive to meet the wishes of the customer, accurately and on time implementing quality of work performed, ready to bear financial responsibility for the improper performance of their obligations.

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