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Wire Sawing

 Recent developments in technology have allowed use of diamond wire cut, not only for cutting large areas of natural stone quarries, but also put it into building sites for cutting dimensional structures made of concrete, reinforced concrete and brick. This method mastered the experts of the company Tem-Diamond primenyaetyut and successfully for many years. Step by step method is rational and especially used for cutting, followed by removal of the massive concrete pieces without disturbing adjacent structure. Lumps can be removed without having to spend money to split them into pieces. Sharp concrete wire with napresovannymi on steel stranded wire, beads diamond segments relatively quiet method in the absence of vibration. Due to the presence of wire saws and a variety of take-away rollers company Tem-Diamond manufactures problem-free cutting of concrete in any direction and any configuration in highly cramped conditions, where the use of wall saws is impossible or impractical. The versatility of the cable installation design ensures maximum traction. Location of the machine components and a wide range of accessories allows the installation of the cable system in absolute accordance with the terms of reference. Steel rope cutting is ideal for cutting large-sized arrays and structures silnoarmirovannogo concrete, since it is unrealistic and unattainable for other cutting methods. For the diamond wire has almost no value structure of the material and its cross section, wire saws easily cut with a metal structure. The use of cable cutting is most profitable for the removal of a large part of the heavily reinforced concrete: piers, piers, columns and bridge sections, as well as for cutting concrete in areas where space is limited. Cutting wire can be used for demolition and sawing work under water. This advanced method of concrete cutting involves many advantages including the absence of dust, vibration and limits the interrupt operations at the neighboring site, thereby greatly reducing costly downtime.

Types cutting of diamond wire:

Cutting brick and concrete;
Cutting reinforced concrete structures;
Cutting of natural stone;
Cutting steel.


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