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In the construction of more and more its use is diamond cutting and drilling structures, as well as the processing of natural and iskustsennyh building materials and surfaces. Concrete is the most popular material in the construction industry, and with him every day have to work. This necessitated the development and deployment of cleaner and safer designs processing technology, such as diamond cutting and diamond drilling.
Diamond cutting, drilling, grinding concrete, reinforced concrete, brick and natural stone - it is a high speed and precision of operations, the total absence of vibration, excessive noise, and virtually free of dust. High-quality diamond tools with nothing beats the performance and durability.
Diamond technology is the process of using the equipment and tools, enabling high-performance and precision to make openings and holes of different sizes and shapes in building constructions.
  The technology of diamond cutting and drilling has been used successfully in the construction industry in the renovation, repair and construction of buildings and structures of various types and purposes, and is the fastest and safest method. When using a diamond cutting and drilling can penetrate the hole the exact size that do not require further finishing. Cutting heavily reinforced concrete obtain perfectly aligned "polished" edge of the holes do not require further elaboration.
During cutting diamond blade is cooled by water. In order to avoid the spreading of water used versatile building cleaner.
The lack of a strong and dynamic sound - vibration effects allows the use of this technology in homes that are in the stage of reconstruction and repair in some cases - in the already renovated residential apartments. Cutting and serlenie performed in different planes in the floors and ceilings as well as walls, foundations and others. Today, we can produce cutting kerf plate to a depth of 730 mm.
If the same size and thickness of the structures of more than 700 mm, then the task more suitable cutting concrete diamond wire practically without any kind of restrictions.


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